Friday, December 30, 2016

Blessing Angel

ヴァチカン市国 ヴァチカン美術館


Vatican museums, Vatican City State
There are some tiny rooms that join the bigger halls. This angel was in that kind of tiny intimate space. I felt that she was really approaching me for coronation. I imagined how would it feel in the moment of blessing.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Angel of femininity

Staglieno, Genova, Italy

In the middle of the hills of Staglieno, I stood for a while in front of this female angel who was divinely sensual. The pure energy of femininity was overpowering, and I worried if I could capture her huge aura with my small camera. It is worth going to Genova, even only for seeing her. For the fans of angels, the ones who aim to be artists, the ones who want to think about femininity and so on,,, You must be able to find the new crack of the dimension beyond time and space.

イタリア ジェノヴァ スタリエーノ

スタリエーノ墓地の丘の中腹辺り。女性性がほとばしり、神々しいほどに色気のある天使の前で茫然と立ち尽くしました。そのまぶしい程のエネルギー を、こんな小さなカメラで捉える事ができるのだろうかと心配になったほどでした。この天使像に会いに行くだけでも、ジェノバに行く価値 があると思います。 天使ファン、芸術を志す人、女性性について考えたい人、、、時空を超えた世界の新しい亀裂が見えるはず。

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Children-Angels in Moscow

in Moscow, Russia

When I was finishing study of photography, I traveled a lot in Europe for seeing around Art Museums. First I went to Italy, then France,,,,, and many other places and my last destination was Russia. There are many words for dividing Europe. "West, Central, East Europe ", "Ex-Communism, Capitalism countries", "Latin Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox church",,,   From what I have seen these museums, even though there are different style of collections and each places has their local art form, I felt that Russia is also one part of Europe, which is strongly under the influence of Christianity.